Feb 5, 2015

JOSE - I almost lost you last week. Thank God for good neighbors. Jose, cutie one who's got the nose of his dad Chico. When no one of his brothers in sight, he would curl up to me and kinda were having our TLC moment. Such a sweet boy. All his brothers gets jealous if his near me.Until now still figuring out why. My dogs are kinda possessive in many ways.It's in their bloodline yeah, i know Chihuahua it is.I love my dogs they are amazing in many ways. Unconditional love. They make my life whole...

Jan 30, 2015

EMILIO - The sweetest of all. Never that I've remember he bit me or was grumpy at me. Emil, the one who always follow me wherever in the house like a shadow it is. Who cries and bumps the door if he was locked in the bedroom, sneaks out and I would follow him that ends with cuddles, He's ways in telling me that he is tired and wants to sleep. Emil, who snores a lot beside me next to my ears.Leaks my face when his up and kisses me when I get HOME...HOME it's where my heart is...It's where my Cute Little Chihuahuas waiting for me. Waiting for all the Love and Care. But honestly, It's me who can't wait to get HOME...Love you Boys!