Dec 19, 2008


Happy Weekend Everyone...xoxo

Dec 16, 2008



Fish Catcher

Crochet Lamps

Coconut Beads


Isn't this lovely...

It's so minimal and elegant...It's made of concrete.

Dec 5, 2008


Justify Full

Empty spaces can be more interesting if you put some accent on it like a Lounge chair, ottoman or just a vase.It will enhance and makes the area interesting with a bold statement.Small things will do funky rug, silky fabrics or just a piece of a furniture.Imagine yourself, relaxing on this places after work..surely it's a relief!!!

Bath Bath..

Lovely Bathrooms... For me, you have to consider a budget for your LOO...since you will be spending lots of time relaxing and pampering yourself.It has to mimic your personality and things that could ease up everything...Photographs perhaps or just a candle will do (just like the first pic i so love the edge there with some memorabilias). So, enjoy your bath!!!

Dec 1, 2008

Black and White

I am just into Blacks, Gray and White now. One way of creating your passion
in colors is mixing it together into different shades and textures and surely
you will get a magnificent and interesting pieces.Wallcoverings either paper back
or vinyl backs,fabrics and flooring are the best to start with.Lets not forget about the paints
too.Now, even your pillow or bedsheets could be your starting piece so go ahead and
make one...Be Inspired!!!